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More than 35 Years of Providing Product Development Support and Manufacturing to a Market Leader

The Client

An international, award-winning, market-leading brand which produces a wide array of innovative, technology-driven climate control solutions. Its products and solutions have won substantial market shares in the data centre, hospital and commercial premises management sectors.

Benefits of working with Monode:

• On-tap technical knowledge and expertise
• Proven track record for designing new and commercially successful innovations
• 100% reliable services
• Precision assembly line
• Design and manufacture of reliable and robust products
• A technical service team focused on delivering competitive advantage to customers and that understands what’s required for commercial success
• Inherent knowledge – key Monode staff have been working on the product portfolio for longer than most of the client’s own personnel
• Monode outcompetes and outclasses overseas manufacturers in many cases
• Expert knowledge is proactively transferred to client’s own employees
• Ability to manufacture and deliver small quantities on a weekly basis
• Highly responsive, competitively priced outsourced services with a strong business case.

The Challenge

When Monode was established in 1978, its founders won a project from a high-tech brand which has become wellknown for providing cutting-edge indoor environmental control products. The company didn’t have an in-house electronic design, development and manufacturing facility – a function which was outsourced to Monode.

The Solution

The first project Monode undertook for this client was to analyse transformer failures on steam humidifiers to resolve a design fault. At the same time, Monode also developed a mains monitor which was commercially highly successful and distributed through RS Components.

The client was delighted with the initial project results, and so a long-term collaboration was born. Monodehas designed and continues to manufacture their core suite of electronic control and monitoring modules. It also carries out a variety of other projects, bridging skills and facilities gaps, while many of the customer’s staff benefit from knowledge transfer.

Some of the equipment that Monode manufactures for this client is destined for niche markets and so is needed in small quantities. For example, Monode provides ‘just in time’ deliveries of any batch size from 10 units per week – it is not commercially viable, and normally not possible, for overseas manufacturers to do this.

Today, Monode is still updating and manufacturing their suite of environmental control units, replacing the commercially successful products developed by the same electronics team15 years ago.

The Result

Monode has remained a competitively priced and totally reliable supplier to this organisation since 1978. It has not failed to deliver in almost 40 years.

Having worked together for such a long period of time, Monode has become a knowledge bank of named products. Although this inherent knowledge helps to fast-track the aforementioned product updates, Monode has also been responsible for helping to develop the client’s IP and products, which set new, unsurpassed standards in environmental control.

Even though the client has a mass-manufacturing facility in China, it does not rival Monode’s cost-effective, precise circuitry assembly services and its ability to profitably supply small and frequent batches.

If there’s an urgent requirement, Monode can be on-site with the customer the next day – without the timeconsuming inconvenience and expense of travelling by air.

“It’s a feather in our cap to work alongside such a successful brand which has become known for remaining at the forefront of its industry, winning awards and, most importantly, the durability and reliability of its electronic products. It’s an honour to help develop its products – after all, there are not many technology brands which launch new products that remain in use for almost 15 years,” commented Mike Vince, director and co-founder of Monode.

Monode Limited
44 Ball Moor
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