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Product Assembly

Alongside the manufacture of your electronic printed circuit board assemblies, Monode can assemble your final product ready for sale. We complete all wiring and mechanical assembly, make or source all cables and leads and any other electrical and mechanical component requirements.

We can also procure off-the-shelf casework options or work with your designers to advise on the electronic specifications required for your custom-made own-brand casework and packaging. We will assemble your product up to ready-for-sale status, and bulk ship to your warehouse or to your distributors or your customers.

Monode provides excellent workmanship at rates that compete with the cost of overseas manufacturing, assembly and shipping. Working with Monode in the UK avoids the pitfalls associated with manufacture in overseas factories:

  • Delivery in the UK is rapid and inexpensive.
  • Product changes can be verified and implemented quickly and efficiently, through the integration of our technical team with our manufacturing facility.
  • After-sales service is rapid and responsive.
  • Delivery schedules can be designed to suit your exact logistic and production requirements. 

Whether you have a simple PCB with just a few connectors or multiple boards in a complex case which also needs packaging, speak to us for honest advice and competitive rates.

Contact us on +44 (0)1280 814171 or email info@monode.co.uk


Monode Limited
44 Ball Moor
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