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Electronic Product Development and Manufacturing Services

Monode’s electronic product manufacturing facility caters for everything from scheduled or called-off batches of thousands of units through to specialist, one-off requirements for a handful of units.

As many of our clients will testify, there is a strong logistic and commercial business case for manufacturing your electronics in the UK with Monode, and for re-shoring your existing production from overseas facilities.

For example, a case study about one of our customers sites the following benefits:

  • On-tap technical knowledge and expertise providing engineer led manufacturing standards.
  • A responsive, flexible service to suit your changing logistical needs.
  • Batch delivery solutions tailored to your exact requirements allowing flexible or just-in-time production planning.
  • Design and manufacture of high reliability, robust precision products.
  • A technical service team focused on delivering competitive advantage to customers with a full understanding of what is required for commercial success.
  • Proven track record for designing new and commercially successful innovations.
  • Inherent knowledge – key Monode staff have been working on the product portfolio for longer than most of the client’s own personnel.
  • Monode often outcompetes and outclasses overseas manufacturers.
  • Expert knowledge is proactively transferred to client’s own employees through our engineer-to-engineer work ethos.
  • Highly responsive, competitively priced outsourced services with a strong business case.

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Compared to many other electronics product design and manufacturing companies, our engineer-led PCB assembly services stand out for workmanship and quality assurance.

Our specialist manufacturing team members have produced a vast range of products. For example, multi-layer PCBs with banks of 0402, MLF, SSOP, QFN, SOT323 components to high reliability units involving rugged hardware and software for use in hostile environments ranging from desert to arctic conditions.

Monode’s electronics manufacturing services include:

  • Providing electronic module design and manufacturing services to product manufacturers inside and outside of the electronics sector.
  • Precision surface-mount assembly lines for bulk and short-run batches.
  • Manufacturing products in small batches during development phases.
  • Re-shoring production from abroad to the UK, so clients benefit from logistics and production management improvements.
  • Working with your product developers to prepare your new products for bulk manufacture.
  • Providing product development companies and product designers with prototype electronic product manufacturing services.
  • All products are quality and compliance tested to exacting specifications.

Our consultative approach, coupled with our specialist electronics manufacturing team and equipment, has been relied upon by product developers and household brands since 1978.

If you are looking for a reliable UK electronic product manufacturing company and would like to discuss your requirements with us, please call +44 (0)1280 814171 or email info@monode.co.uk to speak to a member of our team.




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