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Electronics Support for Product Design and Development

Monode’s product design and development support service bridges the technical skills and facilities gaps which usually arise shortly after the conceptual phase of the product design development process. Our services enhance and often speed up new product development, which is supported by our unique inherent knowledge built up over more than 35 years of innovative electronic product development.

Unlike many product development and management companies, we are able to respond quickly and effectively if you have a project that hasn’t gone to plan, or if your deadlines are brought forward. We can support your in-house developers and/or your existing product development consulting company to engineer the best possible outcome, and often exceed expectations.

Our electronics design, development and manufacturing experts can support you in:

  • Providing full design verification
  • Bespoke electronic innovations
  • Refining modifications
  • Ensuring your prototypes will comply with legislation
  • Rapidly responding to customer needs or changes in requirements
  • Producing prototypes
  • Refining your product’s productionability to enhance production efficiency, output and ease of management
  • Manufacturing small batches
  • Testing to ensure sufficient product health and safety, reliability and endurance standards are met and maintained
  • Addressing product quality issues
  • Production sourcing and handovers

We maintain the highest quality standards and hold knowledge of your IP in the strictest confidence, backed by appropriate non-disclosure documentation.

To discuss this further, call us on +44 (0)1280 814171 or email info@monode.co.uk


Monode Limited
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